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Potash Pond outside Canyonlands Natl Park
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Welcome to my Homepage

Dear Guest

This homepage is about American trains, posted by myself after many travels to the United States for taking train pictures. It basically came into existence because I was curious about how to program a homepage on one side, and I wanted to provide information for European travelers who are in the same hobby on the other side. Nevertheless, it did not take long until I realized that providing all that information was extremely time consuming, and while not living on the same continent where my hobby was, hard to keep on par with the frequent changes. Most of the information was already readily available on other websites anyway, and it simply did not make sense to copy a lot of information which could be found elsewhere already. But what would I post here then? After 52 trips over the pond since 1990 until 2019, I have amassed quite a number of pictures and decided to host them here on my homepage and keep the homepage otherwise simple. So, the galleries are online, some other stuff is yet in the process. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my pictures. Peter
Updated: 03.06.2021